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Who we are

The "Fratelli Contorno" is a historic Sicilian company that produces food preserves, with particular regard to the products of the generous land of Sicily. The company was founded by the Antonino and Luciano Contorno brothers in 1916 in the Sette Cannoli district of Palermo.
Over the years, this name has been put on the market for the authentic genuineness and aromatic freshness of its preserves, the same which has earned Cavalier Antonino Contorno, a Guardian of the King, a kingdom of Italy, a certificate of benevolence.
Born as a tomato and calcium citrate factory (extracted from lemon juice widely used in the food industry), due to a tremendous crisis in the Palermo citrus field, the company was forced to diversify its production by falling back on the choice On tomato derivatives, such as concentrates and extract, as well as the famous eggplant caponate. Since then, continuous innovation research has led the company to launch new products and reach important goals.
Today, the Fratelli Contorno, with its maestrances, represents the oldest economic reality of the still productive sector, able to emphasize all the potentials of Sicilian cuisine that are well expressed, for example, in eggplant caponate, pasta sauce with sardines And cherry tomato sauce.
Using the experience of four generations of entrepreneurs, The Future of the Fratelli Contorno is still facing fundamental goals: the quality of the product; Respect for consumer needs; Full respect for the environment. The latter is supported by the use of a modern photovoltaic plant, which develops eco-sustainable and low-impact production methods that reduce the use of pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases.
It is important to emphasize how some work is still carried out today by the irreplaceable work of the chefs of the company, which, in full respect of hygiene rules, add value to the final product making it unique in its kind. These attentions give the Outbreak Brothers (in compliance with hygiene rules according to the HACCP method) the award of the following awards: UNI EN ISO 9002 and IFS (International Food Standard).