The Caponatina, so called for the small container in which it was made, is a caponata whose main ingredients come from Sicilian autochthonous cultivars such as: - Melanzana cultivar: Violetta di Palermo, - Tomato cultivar: Red primaticcio in Palermo, - Olive cultivar : Nocellara del Belice, - Capelleri di Pantelleria, - Extra virgin olive oil Nocellara del Belice. Moreover, the small cut of the vegetables makes the taste even more tasty. Since 1916 we are the custodians of the Knight Container's recipe, which makes the flavor of the ingredients unique. Piece of fried eggplant in a fine mixture of olive oil, sunflower oil and seasoned with a tomato sauce, chopped celery, onion, sugar, drenched olives, vinegar, capers, salt.