The Contorno Brothers' recipes and typical Sicilian ones

Sicilian cuisine is extremely varied and complex, it is considered one of the richest specialties of Italy.

La Sicilian cooking it is appreciated all over the world, handed down from generation to generation it represents a a source of pride for Sicilians. Its origins are very ancient, dating back to Greek times but the influences received over time are many, the Romans, the Arabs or the Normans just to name a few. Sicilian dishes are a true journey through history, the first courses, the second courses, the side dishes and the desserts are characterized by gods flavors that are difficult to forget.

At the base of the dishes of Sicilian cuisine there are the raw material that grow in fertile soil and with a mild climate, perfect condition for having quality products high quality.

The whole region is rich in vegetables and greens from which famous dishes such as Caponata are born aubergines or the sweet and sour pancake. Fish is traditionally very present on Sicilian tables. The salt is mainly marine, the dishes are embellished with aromatic herbs that grow in abundance: fennel seeds and wild fennel, together with jasmine, pine nuts, raisins, toasted breadcrumbs, orange zest, lemon juice, etc.

Capers, garlic and onion are also often present in the preparations. At the center of the meal is the pasta, or a legume dish (fresh broad beans, dried broad beans, lentils, spelled, chickpeas).

We want to do with you a trip among the cities of the Sicilian territory, discovering those recipes they have made Sicily known throughout the world.

Enter the small world of Fratelli Contorno recipes and discover many curiosities about the characteristics of the typical ingredients of Sicilian cuisine.



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