"Sarsina" Benvenuti in Sicilia
Double concentrated cherry tomato, strictly Sicilian! The new product F.lli Contorno created for the centenary, from the unique and exclusive recipe rich in "lycopene", an antioxidant natural substance present in the tomato, which also has antitumor properties. Made of porcelain cans inside, to allow better preservation, elegantly lithographed with the presence of the logo "Welcome to Sicily". The name "Sarsina" is also wanted and refers to the Sicilian dialect in which the "L" often turns into "R". In the kitchen the Sarsina finds space between the dressing of the pasta, the soups, the cooking of the meat and in modern and fast recipes such as bruschetta and sandwiches.

Sicilian cherry tomato, salt.

200gr glass jar

Sku: 20012